October Monthly Meeting

Tuesday,  October 21, 2014


6:30 P.M.   The Executive Committee will meet.

7:30 P.M.   General Membersip Meeting

A time of "Meeting and Greeting" for the benefit of people who are here for the first time because we discovered each other at the Cumming Country Fair.


There will be a discussion of the missing 40,000 (give or take a few) missing New Voter Registrations as reported at the state level by Rep. Stacy Abram.

There will be instructions on using the Vote Builder mechanism for "Virtual Phone Bank Nights".


There will also be discussion of "Social Media Tips" to support the election campaign process.

(See the location information below for this meeting.)



The General Membership Meeting Location & Time

 Third Tuesday of each month
Community Room.
McDonald & Son Funeral Home
150 Sawnee Drive
Cumming, Ga


If you live in Forsyth County NORTH CAROLINA,      
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